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Electrical Outlet Home Inspections in Colorado Springs

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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Electrical Outlet Home Inspections in Colorado Springs – A Vital Checkup

Before You Buy a Home

Electrical outlets…they’re a part of our homes that many of us take for granted until, poof, one doesn’t provide the juice we need, or worse, we’re dealt a surprise shock. Certified home inspectors check many aspects of a property’s electrical system, including the outlets, also known as receptacles. Before you make your home purchase, it’s wise to hire an experienced inspector to give the home’s electrical system a thorough examination.

colorado springs home inspectorsProfessional home inspectors, such as those with A-Pro Home Inspection Colorado Springs, make sure to spot-check a home’s outlets during a 500-point roof-to-foundation home inspection. Here’s why:

Your home inspector will check outlets to make sure they are properly wired using an outlet tester which can confirm polarity and grounding, and in some cases, test the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Modern electrical outlets which accept three-pronged plugs can pose serious fire and shock dangers if wired improperly. The outlet’s safe function depends on the correct wires being connected to the appropriate terminals.

In the detailed home inspection Colorado Springs report, the home inspector will note problems with outlets, including reverse polarization, false ground, high resistance to ground, extreme voltage drops, low voltage, outlets that are not grounded, and older outlets that do not have a ground slot.

colorado springs home inspectorsA Host of Potential Problems

Sometimes the home inspector will come across “dead receptacles” that are not supplying any current. Further, the home inspector will report on receptacles installed in places where they shouldn’t be in the first place, such as behind sinks; lower than 18 inches above a garage floor, which can trigger an explosion; directly over electric baseboard heaters; flush-mounted horizontally on floors or countertops where water can splash into the outlet; too close to bathtubs or showers; too far from basins; and other scenarios.

Your inspector will also report on whether there is an insufficient number of outlets to service a modern home. A simple assessment can also determine if outlets are damaged, worn, loose, or hot.

An electrical outlet inspection is just one important part of an A-Pro home inspection. To hire a certified local A-Pro home inspector Colorado Springs, visit here or call 719-208-7872.colorado springs home inspectors

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