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A-Pro Home Inspection Colorado Springs Provides…

  • Real Guarantees.

  • Real Peace of Mind.

A-Pro Home Inspection Colorado Springs has built-in protection.

What happens when a home inspector fails to uncover an existing problem? In most cases, nothing. A-Pro’s FREE 120-day “if we don’t report it, we repair it”guarantee puts the burden on us, and covers you for the cost of unexpected covered repairs. Unparalleled inspections. Unparalleled protection. That’s A-PRO.

  • Free protection-120-day guarantee for all ” Home Inspection Colorado Springs ” clients
  • Stunning client reports
  • 500-point inspection
  • Free foundation level survey ($150.00 value)

Be smart.

Be protected.

Call now and have A-Pro inspect it!


Two Guarantees That Protect A-Pro Home Inspection Colorado Springs Clients:

1) “If We Don’t Report It, We Repair It”* (Accuracy Assurance Guarantee)

  • With more than 50% of home buyers facing an unexpected repair within the first 12 months of home ownership finding a home inspector you trust can save you a lot of headaches (and money) indeed.

  • For buyers and sellers, our ISHI®, CHI®, & PHI®  Home Inspection  Colorado Springs inspectors perform a comprehensive home inspection, and include the protection of our Ironclad 120-Day Guarantee at no extra cost.

  • This provides you with the very best defense against costly repair or replacement of inspected systems and appliances that are not noted in the inspection report as deficient.

  • Protection of covered systems and components on claims will not be turned down as a result of any pre-existing condition not documented in the inspection report.

In essence, *”If we don’t report it, we repair it” means you can have confidence in your A-Pro home inspection Colorado Springs inspectors report.

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  • Sellers know they’re protected during the listing period, and buyers are assured that the cost of system and appliance components is covered in the event of an oversight. Best of all, there’s no extra cost. All you pay for is the home inspection Colorado Springs service of your choice.

  • In the event of a claim, A-Pro allows YOU to choose your own qualified repair people, speeding up the repair and giving you control.

  2) “No Further Evaluation” Complete Inspection Guarantee

  • When you choose A-Pro, you get a comprehensive 500-point home inspection Colorado Springs . Period. Unlike most home inspection Colorado Springs companies, you will never have to call upon a third party to “further evaluate” a system guaranteed.

  • What’s more, our inspectors undergo an award-winning home inspection training program and are fully prepared to let you know if there is a problem or not.  Our “no further evaluation” guarantee saves you the time, money, and hassle of follow up inspections and ensures that one call covers it all.

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